A4DeskPro 7.10

The A4DeskPro will enable you to create websites using Flash

A4DeskPro is a powerful application that can create websites which are based on the Flash programming language. Even though this type of programming language is not quite SEO friendly, it is one of the nicest and aesthetically appealing. This application is designed for those who want to learn, step by step, Adobe Flash.

In fact, A4DeskPro is a “what you see is what you get” or “WYSIWYG” type of application. This name is used for those apps in which users can view the final or edited document in the same form as it will be when printed. This aspect is a great and an important one of A4DeskPro, because you can manipulate the template directly, without knowing the command. And, moreover, users can visualize any command line, so that the novices can improve their programming skills.

Even more, A4DeskPro is one of the quickest methods to create a Flash based website. You can choose from a various number of templates, each of them being displayed in a thumbnail form and, also, can be previewed.

A4DeskPro has a clean installation process, it is easy to manipulate and, most importantly, can be operated in an easy way.

Andy Richard
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  • WYSIWYG type of application
  • High usability
  • Clean and straightforward interface


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